Tax Consulting Services ( over twenty experience )

Inland Revenue Department will issue Tax Returns to individuals, sole proprietors, partnership companies, property owners and limited companies every year.

Individuals and companies must fill out the returns and submit them with relevant information and documents to Inland Revenue Department within one month from the date the return is issued or other dates as specified in the tax returns. Sole proprietors, partnership companies and limited companies have to submit within 3 months.

Profits tax returns will normally be issued after 18 months of incorporation of the business. If the related person or company does not receive the tax returns after 18 months of incorporation, they should take initiative to contact Inland Revenue Department to inquire about the matters of tax compliance.

Although clients can fill in the tax returns themselves, they usually lack professional knowledge about taxation and may have to pay extra amount of tax due to filling in wrong information. Some taxpayers may omit some important information when filling in the tax returns; they may offend the Inland Revenue Ordinance and may be prosecuted. We can help you deal with the matters of tax compliances, reduce your tax liability and avoid troubles from omitting or filling in wrong information.

Based on our rich experiences on handling complicated taxation issues, we can propose a plan for individual and businesses in effective and efficient manner, so that you can have more time and resources to focus on the development of your business.

  • Professional Fee for the Tax Filing Services

    The actual amount charged will depend on the nature of the business, number of vouchers, scale of companies, number of staff, business volume, etc. If there is no information missed, normally it can be finished within 1 month. We will prepare financial statements (including profit and loss account, balance sheet and proposal of tax planning), fill out the tax returns and submit them to Inland Revenue Department after our clients approve and sign the documents.
  • Extension and Objection

    No two companies are identical, thus we cannot quote all the prices. However we promise that the fees would be reasonable. If you or your company requires these services, please contact us at your earliest convenience.
    Please note: Tax issues will not be solved automatically as time passed by.

  • Tax Planning
    ˇ§Reasonably reduce your tax liability!ˇ¨ is the consistent purpose of our tax planning service to our clients. Tax planning requires proper planning, legal and reasonable proceeding, and support of related evidences. Otherwise, Inland Revenue Department has the right to treat the tax planning as non-business activities, and will disregard tax offers bought from the planned activities. For further details, please feel free to contact us.

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